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Why I'm Looking Forward To Putting My Career On Pause

“You should definitely apply for this!” was the note attached to the link to an application form.

Reading through the information, guidelines and terms and conditions – on the face of it, this opportunity was perfect for me. But if I was accepted onto the programme, I'd by then be the mother of two children under five and the mere thought of sorting out childcare so that I could meet the commitments required of the project was making me hyperventilate, and this was before I had even begun to draft a proposal.

“Don't count yourself out before you've even tried!” is the well-meaning advice that friends have given me before, and there definitely is some truth in that. But when thinking out loud about the practicalities of doing certain things as a mother, this inspirational soundbite is often supplied by a friend who either doesn't have children or isn't functioning as the sole primary caregiver.