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Why I Quit My Job In The Middle Of A 'Cost Of Living' Crisis

“I am handing in my resignation.”

The calm in my voice concealed the stress that hid just beneath my worn exterior. It was Tuesday 8th March at around 4.55pm – five minutes before the workday was due to end – and I could no longer hold in my news.

My manager sat on the other end of the Teams call and wore a shocked expression. (She later confessed, she saw it coming.) Although I had started the position less than a year prior, I was doing very well, and had already gained a positive reputation within the organisation. So why was I choosing to quit?

It happened on a day my babysitter wasn’t available. I had juggled work with looking after my one-year-old, the husband was away, and Akili and Me and Dave & Ava had been tasked with entertaining my son for an unhealthy number of hours. I was guilt ridden and tired. My living room, which shared space with a makeshift “home office”, looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Considering it was International Women’s Day, I wasn’t feeling very empowered.