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Why And How I Exchanged My City Life For A Rural One

On sunny days, when the sun vivifies the lush green landscape giving the birds a new song to sing, I’m gifted with the view of joyful robins and tits flying from the magnolia tree to the lofty pine-tree. The verdure of greenery in various shades dances in the wind and an assortment of flowers decorate the borders of my lawn.

The fragrance of rural life even on rainy days invigorates my senses. It reconnects me in a deeply spiritual way to the memories of love and belonging that only comes from a grandmother’s home. The aroma of occasional wood burning as well as the burning of manure no longer offends me. I am accustomed to the droppings along the base of my fence panels from birds and small mammals. All of this is my home now, and I wouldn't trade living in rural England for anything.