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Why Gossip Is Essential And Lifesaving For Black Women

It has never had a good reputation, but for my entire life I have always thought that gossip saves Black women’s lives. I have seen it in action and participated in it many times, in an all-girls school playground, at late-night car sessions, and over fast-moving group chats.

Not only that, but I’ve also seen the rippling effects it can have. I’m not ashamed to admit it now, I love to gossip. Although it invokes negative emotions, associations and connotations, I’m being so serious when I say that gossip has saved my life so many times. 

It’s through gossiping with my friends that I was able to see how I was being abused. They made me realise (after being in denial for so long) through screenshotting messages I’d received, reenactments of previous arguments and endless phone calls, that I was being gaslit, emotionally manipulated and abused by my narcissistic ex-boyfriend.