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Why Every Black Child Deserves A Private Education

As a parent and a teacher, I have often observed the challenges that black children face in school. The unconscious and conscious biases towards black children undoubtedly can prevent them from achieving the grades that will get them into the top universities in the country. I decided that in order to give my children a better chance at success, I would look into private education; a place where they could make stronger connections, have more teacher support and access to the best teaching money can buy.

Private schools (also known as independent schools or public schools) are fee-charging schools that do not receive funding from the government. Only 6% of the UK’s school population attend private schools and their families are highly affluent, often with incomes starting from £120,000 to over £300,000. The Independent Schools Council reported in 2019, that private school students performed proportionally well compared to their state school counterparts. The private school students achieving a C or grade four and above was 95.6% compared to 67.3% of students in state schools in Year 11, and 45.7% of Year 13 students achieved A*/A compared to 25.5%, the national average. This advantage provides a gateway to the top universities and inevitably C-suite management positions, as well as other successful jobs.