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Why Being A Virgin Is No Big Deal

‘Oh, so you're still a…’ He shifted in his seat, eyes wide with astonishment as he couldn't bring himself to say the word. I have no idea how we managed to get to this topic only twenty minutes into the date but I decide to unashamedly tell him the truth. As this is only my second ever date, I also make a mental note that perhaps dating is not for me.

‘But you're so…’

‘So what?’ I demand, my defence levels rising automatically.

‘I mean, you're beautiful, I'm shocked that you're still a… Well, I definitely want to… Eh, you know what I mean.’

There it was - the underlying reason behind this awkward conversation had been revealed as an attempt to understand what had led to this unfortunate circumstance of mine.

Choosing to lose your virginity or to have casual sex is not seen as a big deal. In fact, it is to be expected of anyone over the age of 18 to already have a decent sex life. Remaining a virgin, on the other hand, is still a choice that raises many questions. ‘Why, what happened? What about at Uni? But… don’t you want to? It’s not that big of a deal. Well, I’ll have sex with you…’ All questions, comments and even offers that have kindly come my way over the last couple of years.