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Where Are The Fat Black Female Movie Leads?

As the normalisation of a fat person's narrative descends upon us, despite the sometimes still outraged and outdated views of the ignorant, we cannot stop the undeniably remarkable truth that the sun is finally beginning to rise on the fat person. We are finally in a time where fat people are allowed not only to live but speak out against the idea that in order to live and be valid there needs to be an apology for size.

Activists, bloggers, celebrities and influencers alike are helping shape the face of the body acceptance movement and there are more and more healthy dialogues about bodies, gender, race and sexuality.

Though we've had some hiccups about body positivity and whether or not this has become an excluding buzz word or marketing tool, there is still positive work being done in the community helping hundreds and thousands of people start their own journeys to body and self-acceptance.

The rise of body acceptance conversations means that the discussions aren't just happening on panels, online, in forums, politically and in the media, it's also being discussed in our art. We see recording artists, authors, painters, models and performers talking about their own stories and creating other positive narratives where the big girl gets the spotlight and it isn’t attached to how much they weigh.