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When Am I Going Back To Work? That Is Not Your Concern!

I worked as a teacher during my first pregnancy, and I planned to work until the end of the summer term as I was due at the beginning of September. I’d start maternity leave from then, return a week before the summer of the following academic year (securing decent pay over the summer), and then return properly for the start of the new Autumn term. How God must have laughed!

The reality was that I was signed off work by my doctor when I was 11 weeks pregnant until I had my babies at 37 weeks. As maternity leave started earlier, my return was scheduled for earlier. I had always planned to return to work, even part-time. I loved teaching, being head of year, mentoring, and I even loved some of the people I worked with.

I had a horrific pregnancy but by the time my babies came, I was in my element. I loved every second of maternity leave. My husband and I discussed childcare options during and post-pregnancy, but with twins it just wasn’t making sense. We made more than enough to cover it but I’d be going back to work to give the majority of my pay away so someone else could look after my children. Why not just stay home and look after them?