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Editor's Letter: What Naomi Campbell Missed About Vogue Africa

There have been multiple news stories this week that have made me feel a range of emotions. The week’s earliest headlines left me in a state of sadness and reflection, while Twitter’s running commentary on #VisaBae left me in hysterics.

However, one story that left me conflicted was Naomi Campbell’s visit to Nigeria and her declaration that Africa needs it’s own version of Vogue. As soon as Naomi said those words set Twitter alight with “YASSSS!!!” and multiple gifs of black women clapping. To many, Naomi had said what many of us had thought, the rest of the world needs to recognise Africa as fashion powerhouse. Yet, I am not completely sure that we need a Vogue Africa. The first thing I wanted to know is what part of Africa would the magazine represent? The West have held on tight to the idea that black people have a monolithic identity and I’m conflicted on whether a magazine entitled Vogue Africa will continue to help the West’s lazy approach to group all black people together. Of course, the complete opposite may happen and maybe a Vogue Africa will explore the nuances of culture and fashion between the continent’s 54 countries.