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What I've Learned From 30 Years As A Salon Owner

Hairdressing, a creative profession like no other; a profession I have chosen to specialise in and make my career for the past 30 years. The idea to start my own hair salon all began from my negative experiences at hairdressers, especially those whose customer base are Black women. These hairdressers would often encourage me to relax my hair just because it was the trend and it was assumed it made afro hair “easier to manage”. However, I wasn’t fond of such thinking as I wanted to maintain my natural hair, so I started taking care of my own hair at home. 

I continued the search for a hair salon that could treat and care for natural hair, but the long waiting times were very off putting. This was another thing that sparked my interest in improving the services and hair care treatment Black women experience at hair salons. 

I had previous knowledge about good hair care such as conditioning, braiding, cornrows, washing, trimming, weaves and wigs because I spent some time doing hair when I grew up in Ghana, so this gave me another reason to take the leap into being a hairdresser.