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What It's Like To Be An Introverted Black Girl

I have a confession to make. An answer to anyone who wants to know why I sometimes say no to plans when I’m not doing anything else but eating, watching TV or sleeping at home. My lack of plans and refusal to accept new plans isn’t anything against you, I really do enjoy your company. I just sometimes need to be by myself. What I’m doing isn’t that important as long as I’m by myself.

I’m an introverted black girl. Contrary to popular belief, we do exist and we’re not rare in the slightest, I’m sure if you think about it, you know a few black female introverts in your life (or maybe you are one!) If so, then you know where I’m going with this. Being an introverted black girl in a world that expects you to be anything but is nothing short of... well, interesting. 

By definition, introverts love of spending time alone, have a preference for smaller intimate gatherings and sometimes need to step back and refresh. That’s me in a nutshell. Growing up I just didn’t know it. Back then, being an introvert wasn’t a thing, it was you’re “quiet” or “shy” and those are qualities that you had to grow out of as soon as possible.