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What I Learned About Myself & My Kids Single-Parenting Through Lockdown

When the lockdown measures were announced back in March, I got a flashback to scenes from the film, The Purge. We were preparing for lockdown, barricading ourselves within our homes for safety from this lurking and lethal virus and it really hit home that Covid-19 was in fact more serious than initially made out back in January. Anyone was susceptible to it.

Had I not initially been level-headed at this point, I know my anxiety would have shot up a lot sooner than it did. You see, I am a single parent to five year old twins, and my part-time job was being put on hiatus for the unforeseeable future. Even still, the thought of homeschooling initially excited me, I was getting an opportunity to spend undisrupted time with my kids that I had missed. Little did I know there was more for me to uncover during this lockdown about my kids and myself that I would have otherwise taken for granted.