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What Being A Godmother Is Teaching Me About Parenthood

Parenthood looks hard. I’ve always looked at parents with admiration as to how they navigate raising children, diffusing toddler tantrums, adolescent changes and still manage to maintain their sanity in the process.

As someone who is biologically childless, I can honestly say that I’m content with this. As much as I love children, raising them seems like a lifetime commitment that I’m not yet ready to take on!

In December 2009 my friends asked me to be a godmother to their first child. I gladly said yes with no idea what the role would entail. As far as I knew, I had a cute baby to play with and could tap out of playtime at any given moment. I was clueless as to how I would support my friends as new parents, they already seemed like they had everything handled, and besides, I knew nothing about raising children.