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The Appetite Is There But Publishers Are Not: We Need More Books About Being Black In Asia

The stories and voices told within ‘Black in Asia’ books are few and far between within the publishing industry. Many people have never read nor heard of these books, and wouldn’t even know how to get them. My first exposure to books within this category was from reading the anthology, Black in Asia by Spill Stories last year. 

Books within this niche detail what it’s like to be a Black person living in Asia who may have moved to the continent for the first time for many reasons. But within the publishing industry? It barely scratches the surface in terms of awareness and the accessibility of these books. 

I reached out to three authors, Asha Lemmie, Nailah Harvey and Tierra Creekmur, to hear their thoughts on the lack of books within the publishing industry covering this experience and what they would like to see published in the future.