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Unpacking The UK Government’s Sinister Illegal Migration Bill

Wake up babe, a sinister, potential UK law just dropped and here’s how it could affect you. On 7th March the (not your) Home Office revealed the Illegal Migration Bill. A bill which, if turned to law, could see some of the most vulnerable around us be stripped of even more of their human rights. 

From denying the right to claim asylum if you reach these cold shores “illegally” to the refusal to protect victims of modern slavery. With the assertion that legal challenges to deportation are only considered after said deportation, it’s clear nothing has been learnt from the human rights breaches of the Windrush scandal. Those are just a few changes that could go into effect if this bill is passed. 

In a speech made in January of this year Rankling Rishi set out his top five priorities as PM. One of these being stopping those who attempt to risk their lives on small boats, to claim a semblance of safety in the UK.

Though immigration has always been a hot topic in this country, the focus of the past (going on) 13 years has undoubtedly been to diminish the credibility of those who would seek asylum here.