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Trust Your Gut, Put Yourself First & Sort Out Your Finances: What Millennial Women Want Gen Z Women To Know

As we entered the new year, one of the trends that caught my attention was the resurgence of the ten year challenge on social media. This got me thinking about who I was ten years ago and what I would tell that version of myself if I had the chance. 

For context, the woman that I was then was a 24 year old young lady who had graduated from university just over three years before. I still lived with my mum and grandma in North London but, with the help of a 9-5 as a speech and language therapist, I finally managed to save enough money for a shared ownership property. My goal was to move out by the end of the year – preferably by my 25th birthday in October – to somewhere in North West London so that I can be closer to work and my “little sister”, or best friend. 

Although hungry for greater independence, I loved my life for the most part. My friends were my everything and weekends were filled with cocktails over lunch or dinner, concerts and raves. I had recently stopped wearing weaves and wore more natural hairstyles. I also started to experiment with makeup and fashion – all of which marked the beginning of my journey of self-acceptance and love (something that had always been sparse as a younger adult).