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TreasureTress Report Reveals The Hidden Texture Tax & How Brands Can Better Serve Black Consumers

We know that Black women in the UK account for 10% of hair care spending, although they make up only 2% of the UK adult population.

In October, TreasureTress worked alongside Translate Culture and Warwick University to proudly produce and release the very first official UK-focused textured hair trend report, ‘The untapped opportunity in the UK afro hair market’. 

Conducted with over 10,000 textured hair respondents from the TreasureTress community, the report offers a rare glimpse into the true figures and feelings of a community group often overlooked in the beauty industry, one I’m proudly a part of. 

It’s the lack of reporting on this community that drove me to create TreasureTress and I hope in providing substantial evidence, we highlight the urgent need for change and better understanding from retailers and brands.