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Life After London: Black Women On Leaving The City For A Better Quality Of Life

During those lockdown months of solo walks, comic relief from Munya Chawawa and the short-lived Houseparty app, I learnt two things about my lifestyle that no longer brought me joy.

First, my daily routine prior to 2020 had become incredibly hectic. Being forced to stay at home, with less going on was healing and very much needed. Secondly, we had zero family support nearby and the expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ played on my mind.

To create such a ‘village’ however, would actually mean moving nearer my husband’s family in Wales, which was completely unrealistic – or was it? As lockdown came to an end but remote working continued, it dawned on me and my husband that we no longer needed to be anchored to London for work. The possibilities of where we could live suddenly seemed very open and a move to South Wales seemed far more feasible.