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The World Of Activism Needs More Bees And Less Bosses

If, like me, you spend copious amounts of time obsessing over ways to improve this burning mess of a planet, it can all start to feel a bit overwhelming. We want to help our race, our gender, help our kids, the homeless, the planet and what about better housing? Social media outlets bombard us with images and videos of instances of social injustice across the globe everyday. And the question I find myself constantly asking is what can I do to help? Small girl like me from south east London – how am I going to affect real change?

Over the years I have planned on starting at least five organisations to help tackle youth violence, disproportionate exclusion rates for black children, prison reform, the housing crisis, etc. But in reality I’ve done little more than rant on Twitter. I am an avid complainer and partial to a good ol’ thread. But angry emojis alone are not enough to tackle such issues, and I quickly found out that a small girl from Peckham can’t do it all by herself. To the annoyance of my ego, I needed help, and I’m here to explain why regardless of what stage in your activism journey you stand, you need help too. Together we're going to go from complainers to campaigners.