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The Vilification Of Black Students, Small Print & Back Door Apologies

Lola Olufemi is the latest black student to find her name smeared across the pages of the papers. The women’s officer for the Cambridge University student union co-authored an open letter “with the intention of pushing the [English] faculty to decenter white authors and to give the same moral and intellectual weight to BME authors and stories from the global south.” 

Lola explains that the letter was simply “asking for the recognition that English Literature is not only the literature of white men and for this to be reflected formally in how we study it.”

Lola tells Black Ballad that “the [Telegraph] article is riddled with factual inaccuracies and attempts to misconstrue what the task of decolonising is and delegitimise me as a co-author of the open letter by using out of context quotes in an attempt to turn me into a 'controversial figure'.”