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The Roots Of Self Care: Black Women & Their House Plants

The relationship between plants, trees and animals is immense: plants and trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release the oxygen that we need to survive during the day. I’ve always found that so incredible, our interdependence almost romantic. And with that, the connection of gardening and plant ownership as a form of self-care makes so much sense.

Four black women share their love of plants

Brenda Be, marketing manager and owner of Sara Bree, says: “I love that plants are living, they can be nurtured and you get to learn their personality as they grow.

“I do have a garden, but prefer to nurture house plants. I love low-maintenance ones. Orchids and aloe vera will wait for you when life gets so busy and you forget to water them, they don’t give up on you. 

“I use the bigger branches of aloe vera for my children, when they have cuts or scrapes as it soothes the wound and helps it heal faster. I also use aloe vera in my hair, it provides healing for my scalp.

“I find plants’ general presence calming.”