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The Problematic Impact Of The Saying ‘Black Don’t Crack’

Many stereotypes underlie the saying ‘black don’t crack’. One of them being that black people can look forever young and are largely unaffected by wrinkles, fine lines and other changes brought about by ageing. 

It’s a saying that’s often meant as a compliment to black people, especially black women, who appear younger than their age.

While ‘black don’t crack’ is an affirmation of the beauty of black skin, despite the racial prejudice against it, the saying can also be problematic. It is a myth that disregards the diversity of black women’s skin and the efforts put into achieving healthy skin. 

Besides that, it pressures black women to strive for the ‘perfection’ of youthfulness.

Behind the notion that black women are not susceptible to ageing are the unseen efforts and consistent skin care routines. ‘Good skin’ doesn’t just happen overnight, unless your genetics have blessed you.