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The "Patriarchal" Wedding Traditions Brides Refuse To Leave Behind

From the pricelessness of the proposal, to the matching ‘photo only’ pyjamas that now dominate our Instagram feeds, it is clear that for this generation of brides, the what, the where and the theme of their special day has become just as important as the vows.

The move away from the traditional “church + church hall” combination beloved by our parents in favour of lavish destination wedding or clickbait worthy reception entrances has also laid waste to some wedding traditions. The increased pressure to curate a day that will be discussed at dinner parties to come is well and truly on, overhauling the traditions of the past in their trendy wake. 

Marriage itself is on the decline with many couples choosing to co-habit before they splash out on their dream wedding. The recent decline has been linked to the rising cost of living especially in major cities like London and Birmingham and many young ‘to-be’s also cite things like the pressure of having a hashtag-ready wedding as the reason for their nuptial aversion. One factor that cannot be denied, however, is the growing concern over the fact that historically, marriage has facilitated toxic patriarchal ideals.