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Why Can't I Wear My 30-Inch Wig To Work? The Other Side Of Corporate Hair Discrimination

I hadn’t been fully aware of the ‘corporate woman’ stereotype until one significant conversation with a friend of mine.

In the midst of celebrating her first job offer for a role she had worked incredibly hard for, the topic of hair naturally came to surface. 

“I can’t wait to flip my 30-inch wig around the office when I start my grad job.”

“Oyin, would you really wear a 30-inch wig to the office?” 

The ‘really’ in her sentence implied a sense of confusion and slight disbelief, so I ran a mental check through the statement I had made before choosing to interrogate her further.

For a while, I struggled to link a reasonable cause to her reaction. It was well-known amongst my group of friends that I’m a true sucker