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The Mistakes We Make During ‘The Talking Stage’

Are you sick and tired of getting into talking stages? According to my Twitter timeline, an abundance of us are completely over it.

I cackled a week ago when I saw a girl who had put together a PDF with all the information that covers the usual phrase, “tell me about yourself”. It sounds like a great idea to start with, but, in my humble opinion, I believe it could come off as stand-offish.

While it’s infinitely more fun to complain about other people messing up during the talking stage, I think it is only fair to look at the mistakes that we also make – knowingly and unknowingly.

#1 Talking too much about the past. 

“My ex used to–” 

Stop yourself, immediately. Do not take a deep dive into the good or bad times you had with your ex or exes. It often makes the other person feel like you are not ready to move on and they most certainly will remove themselves from the situation.