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The Cost Of Living Is Going Up, Which Means The Black Tax Will Rise As Well

The rising cost of living is having a negative impact on families across the country. An Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Sky news revealed that since the start of the year, one in four people in the UK have resorted to skipping meals and three in five people have turned off their heating to lower energy bills. The pressure from rising bills is being felt most by people on lower incomes.

Black families are one of the groups feeling the squeeze even more, where a high percentage of Black workers are in low paid, insecure jobs. While research from the Labour Party revealed that four out of five Black households have less than £1,500 in savings.

For Black professionals in those families, many have to use a significant portion of their salary to financially support their family. This is known as the Black Tax, a term that originally derived from South Africa to describe the money that Black professionals provide to their family every month, usually out of obligation.