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Surviving Sillicon Valley

Diversity. A word that I have truly grown to loathe. Honestly, every time I hear the phrase 'diversity and inclusion' I do an exhaustive eye roll and zone out. Disclaimer - I am by no means against a diverse and inclusive environment, in fact that is my optimistic hope for the future. However, when used in their noun format 'diversity' and 'inclusion' are as over used by companies and politicians as the word 'enthusiastically' in a pile of CV's . I find myself internally screaming: "Just BE diverse!”, for the love of Krispy Kreme's can we stop talking about how 'diversity and inclusion' are unanimously better for everyone and just start making it happen.

Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg faced his fair share of criticism for this exact thing. The social network genius thought it worthwhile to speak to a group of higher education black students about 'diversity and inclusion' when only 2% of Facebook's workforce is black *rolls eyes*. But I'm not here to bang on about the lack of 'diversity and inclusion' in tech companies because the reality is, if you happen to find yourself classified as 'under-represented' by your race, gender, or sexual orientation, you already understand the harshness of this problem. On the other hand, if you are a white male, then you won't understand but you might be aware that this problem exists.