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Stop Pressuring Me To Find A Husband

The arrival of the weekend usually means one thing… another wedding.

Heels high, Gele wrapped tight (perhaps too tight), a ravenous appetite for wedding Jollof and we’re ready, yet again, to celebrate the union of yet another couple I have never met… whoops, I mean, know and love…

However, one thing in particular, struck me about this wedding. Be it the constant “so are you next?” questions basically imposed on anybody over the age of 18, or the insistence of the MC that all the single ladies in the room should participate in the bouquet toss because “this could be their year of deliverance” -  the attitude that marriage is something to be strived for was palpable.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that marriage is a beautiful thing and very much hope that it is something which will be a part of my life in the future, but make no mistake, it is not and never will be my priority.