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Staying Calm, Fly & Capable In Motherhood

Motherhood is really hard! It’s essentially an extremely demanding underpaid job that you’re on call for 24/7. It is also very satisfying, very rewarding and kissing my little munchkin’s cheeks is a very effective antidepressant for some of the harder days. But between life as an all-night human all-you-can-eat buffet and paranoid dashes to A&E, it is easy to feel like you’re turning into someone you don’t quite recognise.

Without a doubt motherhood is a transformative experience, but it isn’t a brain transplant. What motherhood is, is an evolution and you need to remember to consider yourself in order to keep in prime condition to be everything you need to be for your bambino. So here’s my personal survival kit for the transition from rookie mum to bad-ass mama. I hope it will give you ideas that will help you feel calm, fly and capable while mothering.

If you’re an introvert like me, motherhood can be a convenient excuse to decline plans without looking like a complete misanthrope. In the early days you will be well-acquainted with the comfiest pair of pyjama bottoms you own, but rather than look at this as house arrest, a bit of time away from the hustle can be really nice.

Staying Home and Staying Sane

First off, my smartphone is always on standby. I could lie and say it’s to keep up with current events, but it’s primary purpose is to snap my babe’s every waking moment. Babies change and grow so quickly, you should document as much of it as possible – even if it’s to reminisce about the days when your baby was not mobile enough to get themselves into mischief on a particularly exhausting day. You will need plenty of memory to store all your snaps on your phone, computer or even in the “cloud” and it also helps to have an outlet for all the cuteness. My weapon of choice is Snapchat because since snaps are deleted in 24 hours, I feel less guilty about the constant stream of awesomeness that is my child gurgling.