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Someone Needs To Tell Priti Patel That Terror Is Not The Answer To Crime

Priti Patel first came to my consciousness when she was sacked from her position as International Development Secretary under Theresa May. 

Now, in one of her first public statements as Home Secretary, she says she wants criminals “to literally feel terror” at the thought of committing offences. She has also historically spoken of the advantages in a return of capital punishment. 

My initial reaction to her comments was one of deep sadness at the harshness and brutality in the tone of her statement. Another thing that struck me was the sheer lack of humanity inherent in her intention to drive “terror” into fellow citizens. I find worrying her apparent willingness to use fear as a tool to solve crime. Did she consider that when you drive terror into people, even though it may work temporarily, they are more likely to come back more determined and less susceptible?