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Why I Think ‘Slow Burn’ Beats ‘Spicy’ In The Romance Wars

If you want to see a fight break out on social media, simply suggest that books are becoming too steamy with characters jumping into bed with each other too fast.

Or conversely, claim romance literature has grown timid and unduly chaste. Then duck as the insults and furniture start flying.

I watch these online skirmishes with the keen enjoyment of a lone drinker in a bar brawl, able to appreciate the jabs thrown by each side. 

Spicy romances, such as Alisha Rai’s The Right Swipe or Naima Simone’s Sin and Ink rev up to full speed within pages. The characters discover each other as much through physical intimacy as through verbal communication, hurtling the story forward with lashings of spicy action. Surely this is what romance should be, hot and racy! Perhaps.