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Rye Lane Is The Unconventional Black British Love Story We All Need

Who doesn’t love a charming meet-cute? That first encounter between two people, the moment your eyes connect, that instant spark. 

You might typically meet a potential partner on a night out, at the gym or even on Twitter these days.

But, the two love interests in Raine Allen-Miller’s directorial feature debut, Rye Lane, technically first meet while Dom (David Jonsson) is loudly crying his eyes out in a unisex toilet stall at an exhibition and Yas (Vivian Oparah) attempts to check on him.

She takes a peek underneath the toilet stall and she sees Dom’s bright pink converses staring back at her, gets up and asks, “everything alright in there?”, before he tells her he’s trying to have a private moment.  

She leaves him be, but recognises those converses once Dom enters the main exhibition area and she befriends him.

After eventually getting to the root of Dom’s despair (a bad breakup), they end up travelling around south London together in a sort of mutually beneficial revenge plot.