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The Science Behind The Honeymoon Stage: Why Relationships Are Always Easier In The Beginning

Last year was a defining year for relationships for me. It was intense and painful so I began to relish the times of pure simplicity, the honeymoon stage. This year I started a new platonic relationship and I loved the beginning part of it. It’s really hard to find people I can connect with, especially so easily, so I cherished it immensely. I think it even became a slight obsession. I fell in love with the blank page it started with and the ease at which the relationship proceeded. 

After being in a romantic relationship for two years, things became overwhelmingly complicated and I craved for the beginning times where all we knew was that we liked each other and were simply open to the possibilities of love and what it could bring us. I wanted that again and I didn’t mind that reminiscing might have been a bit unhealthy. 

The beginning stages of love have a certain allure to them. The butterflies you feel at the slightest touch, the awkward conversations that make you blush and the nervousness to make any kind of conversation cause you’re thinking, “Is this even real?” I remember being shy and even a little bit scared of texting this person cause I was confused as to why they were replying so eagerly. It wasn’t even that I was so starved of affection, it was the excitement that this person wanted to try this relationship as much as I did.