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Political Change Is Impossible Unless We Understand How The Media Works

According to American author Ralph Keyes we are currently living in a post-truth era. I disagree. To call it post-truth implies a time of truth, which in itself is a lie. Western media has always been biased, its focus has always been exploiting emotions and it has always been a tool of oppression. And yet, we as minorities still watched in awe as even when presented with the facts, the figures and the economists to back it, the wider British public chose to disregard it all, choosing instead to trust the news, trust journalists, and trust Boris. 

I have seen one too many hot takes about the British public “voting against their own interests”. But the majority didn’t vote against their interests, they voted completely in line with their racist, xenophobic, Islamaphobic agenda. The wider British public didn’t believe that eradicating child poverty, getting justice for the people of Grenfell or even heating up their sick nan’s yard, was in their interests. They’ve been told time and time again that all their problems will disappear when the ethnics do. In 1964 that message was so clear that former Tory MP Peter Griffths ran and won on the election slogan “If you want a nigger for a neigbour, vote Labour”. And yet again they have lapped up that message. Why choose better for yourself when five more years of sufferation are up for grabs? It’s just the British thing to do.