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The Afrofuturistic Possibilities Of An Opera Written In Pidgin English

As a Nigerian-British woman composer, performer and amateur astronomer, I navigate a classical music space where individuals like me are underrepresented. Despite moments of exclusion or marginalisation, I find strength and inspiration in not conforming to certain societal norms. If I’m not invited to take a seat at the table, I will build my own table and at my party, everyone is invited. 

By incorporating an Afro-futuristic lens into my creative output, I’m able to express my cultural identity in a multifaceted way. I celebrate my rich African cultural heritage, multiculturalism and diversity with an optimistic view of the future. Through my art, I aim to create a vision of the world that honours the past, embraces the present, and contributes to a more equitable future for everyone. 

I am proud to be the composer and librettist (writer) of Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera, the world’s first Pidgin English opera. This groundbreaking production recently returned to the stage with two shows on April 29th, 2023, after debuting at the Tête à Tête Opera Festival in 2015 to critical acclaim. With initial support from Arts Council England, the opera has captivated audiences in Lagos, Cape Town, and Turin.

My husband Baba Epega is the executive producer of the show and we are both passionate about sharing and celebrating African cultures around the world. Song Queen: A Pidgin Opera is the spearhead of our vision.