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I’m OK Being That Pushy Parent At The School Gates, And This Is Why You Should Be Too

“I’m joining, but you’re going to regret asking me to.”

These were the words I said to the headteacher of my children’s school when he suggested I join their new ‘diversity and equality’ group. My children are in reception and I’ve had cause to speak to him a few times this year, mainly about lack of representation or unprofessionalism within the school.

I’m generally a determined individual; whenever I find myself having issues (with products, services, or even in relationships) I confront and try to resolve it. I’m solution-focused because I believe most problems have a solution. So when it comes to my children, that energy is amped up by one hundred because I parent intentionally, especially when there’s much to unlearn.

A good friend of mine always says that happy accident or planned, we chose to have our children. We owe them everything. We are their advocates. A few children are conspicuously gifted and will be nurtured in education. A few will noticeably struggle and either receive support or be penalised. The majority of children fall somewhere between, and some might be overlooked. As parents, we must advocate for our children no matter where they land and hold the education system accountable for what it promises to provide.