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What Happens When You See Your Parents For Who They Really Are

As time goes by, our perception of our parents evolves. Our perception of the role of mum and dad develop in the understanding that they’re individuals without capes just like us, particularly Black parents. Entering this new facet of our relationship requires a strong understanding of our ancestry and personal history, which revolves around them. So, I intend to analyse how we carry narrow labels of our parents through life and fail to see them as human, or even identify their bodies as Black, while exploring the experiences of three Black women who hold different views on parenthood.

Due to the shifts in relationships with our parents, which often begin following our twenties, we can finally perceive them as they are – humans. Whether friends and confidants or sensitive humans like us, we ought to accept that parents go way beyond our own personal story of invincible Marvel characters, whether they’re heroes or villains. While many need to have their own children to truly understand this, others simply need time to go by as they witness their parents age in front of their eyes and in need of the care they once poured out being returned to them. But some never come to that understanding.