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What’s Happening In Palestine & Congo Has Permanently Changed Me

There was a time when I was not aware of social injustice and racial inequality, but it has always been present in my life, even when I did not have the words to describe it.

I have always been an inquisitive person, driven by a desire to understand the underlying reasons behind everything. I have learned that nothing happens in a vacuum, and this has encouraged me to read.

There have been a series of events that have radicalised me but if I had to choose one moment in my life where everything changed, it was Tuesday 20th October 2020 – the massacre at the Lekki toll bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. This tragedy set me on the path of activism and proactive resistance, but recent events in Palestine became the political reawakening I never knew I needed.

The power of social media is undeniable and cannot be overlooked. It has proven to be one of the most powerful tools of resistance at our disposal, and the catalyst for spreading awareness, mobilising people, and bringing the world’s attention to atrocities being committed.