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What It's Like Celebrating Ramadan As A Black British Woman In A Muslim Country

For millions of Muslims around the world, Ramadan is hitting differently this year.

Ramadan is one of the five foundations that make up the practice of the Islamic faith. Muslims fast from food, water and sexual relations during daylight hours, and also try to avoid bad actions. Millions of Muslims have partaken in this every year for the last 1,441 years.

But what is traditionally defined as a time for congregational night prayers in mosques, dinners, fundraising events, soup kitchens and packed out lecture events has now become a ‘Covid Ramadan’.

Some Muslims will be feeling a sense of isolation, loss and trepidation during this unsettling time as they struggle to adjust for a myriad of reasons. For instance, some reverts or converts to the religion may find it more difficult to placate and navigate the disapproval of loved ones over their new found spiritual path.