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6 Non-NHS Keyworkers On The Lack Of PPE, Proper Training And Earning The Minimum Wage

BAME groups have been hit harder by Covid-19. This has been linked to a range of factors, including intergenerational households, Vitamin D deficiencies and “cultural practices”. However, socio-economic factors play a key role. BAME groups disproportionately live in poverty, and poorer people are less likely to work in roles that include paid leave or can be done from home, which means they are exposed to more people.

Many of these roles, which were once branded “unskilled”, have been reframed as “essential” during the pandemic. The mood of the moment is that ‘we are all in it together’, but some are more in it than others. There has been a focus on NHS workers’ experiences, but not all key workers are NHS staff. Black Ballad interviewed six black non-NHS key workers about their experiences.