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Returning Home To Wales To Watch The World Explode

A lot can happen in a year right?

Last summer I wrote a piece for the Guardian expressing my ongoing bewilderment and frustration with the pace of change in the publishing industry and its ability to reflect the diverse culture and society in which we live.

Earlier that year I had also decided to relocate home to Newport, South Wales with my young daughter, then 4, after spending 20 years living and working in London. I have to be honest here, I had no idea if staying in Newport and keeping my publishing career going to the level it was in London was going to be at all possible. I knew I was taking a massive gamble. Publishing was a business I loved, books and reading being a massive part of my life. Since graduating at 21, I had first worked in a bookshop then began to climb up the corporate ladder of London publishing, working for three of the five major