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Why Self Care Is Vital For Black British Mothers And Their Children

‘Self care’ is the latest buzzword in wellness conversations right now. We know we ‘should’ be doing it, yet in my work as a Holistic Wellness Coach for mothers, it’s something many struggle with. I’m not just talking about face masks and bubble baths; what self care actually means for black mothers and the deep and complex path many of us may need to walk to embrace it, is too often overlooked.

For starters, the concept of ‘self care’ isn’t something we’re likely to have grown up seeing. Having parents or grandparents who originally moved to the UK to work and study meant exactly that: the majority of time, energy and focus would’ve been spent working, studying, raising children and taking care of the home. Having the luxury of free time and disposable income to invest in one’s own wellbeing would’ve been a rarity for most. To survive the ‘hostile’ front of racism and lack of equal opportunities, overworking, and striving became the norm.