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Menstruation Is A Health Issue That Workplaces Need To Take Seriously

Menstruation is a natural bodily function, yet we live in a patriarchal society where it is deemed taboo to talk about it. Women’s strength is also measured by how much pain we are able to noiselessly endure. Dysmenorrhea, the medical term for period cramps, is the most common symptom of menstruation and can disrupt your daily life when you are menstruating. But women and other people who menstruate are required to follow a menstrual etiquette in which they are expected to work through painful and uncomfortable periods.

According to research conducted by OnePoll for THINX, makers of period-proof underwear, 58% of women surveyed have felt embarrassment about being on their period, and a whopping 73% have hidden a pad or tampon as they approach the bathroom. In addition, 51% of the men surveyed believe it is inappropriate for women to refer to their menstrual cycles in the workplace.