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Meet The Black Women Who Are Creating Their Own Space Whilst Renting

For many of us, today's crumbling economy makes homeownership seem like a distant reality. Whether you’re slowly saving for a deposit or have already accepted that you’ll probably never own your own home, it usually leaves renting as the next ‘best’ thing when it comes to having a place to call your own. 

But beyond the white-washed walls and granite worktops of the flashy apartments that we see on social media, some of us are living with the not so glamorous side of renting, and it can be quite dull. With landlords usually not renovating their properties until they begin to fall apart, we’re left with spaces that feel unchangeable and not worth risking your deposit over. 

But, contrary to what we may think, it doesn’t have to be this way. I spoke to three women about how they’ve created a home that feels like their own, all whilst renting.