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Love Bombing: The Signs, The Impact & My Lived Experience

Oh, to be young, confused and desperate for love! 

I met Greg* through a friend and we were instantly attracted to each other. After we exchanged numbers and started talking, I was impressed by how consistent he was with communication. Yes, I am a sucker for good communication. 

Two weeks in, he surprised me again when he sent me a message saying : ‘I love you, I am in love with you Nobuhle. Say you love me too.’ My jaw dropped to the floor, I put my phone down and walked around my room trying to digest these words. His message should have given me butterflies, but instead I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. 

I frantically messaged my friend for clarity and her response was, ‘Love does not know time.’ Was she right? I had gone silent enough for him to pick up that something was wrong, so he showed up the following day and asked that we go out for ice cream, a treat I can barely resist.

Upon his arrival, he had brought my favourite chocolate bars and a bottle of Baileys and I briefly considered the possibility of him being my soulmate. At our little date Greg says to me, “I have been dreaming about you so I went and told my pastor. He confirmed that you and I are soulmates. You are meant to be my wife. I have always wanted a beautiful wife with a kind soul and I found that in you. God has answered my prayers.”