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London to Lagos: Things You Should Know Before Moving To Nigeria

After completing my undergraduate degree in 2009, I decided I wanted to move to Lagos. Having spent my formative years between London and America, I had never visited Nigeria a day in my life. Irrespective of this, I still had a strange urge to put on my Dora the explorer hat and see if I could make an impact in my homeland. In 2010, I stepped off of the plane and felt a mixture of fear and excitement. I was warmly welcomed to Lagos by uncomfortable humidity, nonchalant workers and an unfamiliar chaos. Despite this, somehow, I finally felt like I was somewhere that felt like home. 

I often try and assimilate what exactly my experiences have been over the past couple of years living there. When I take trips own memory lane, I feel both feelings of pride, achievement, growth, defeat and victory. Although my experiences are far too robust to pen down in a single article, I have managed to draw up some food for thought. I understand there are some people from the diaspora who are curious about what it’s like to relocate to Nigeria so I hope these points give you a little insight!