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Lockdown Reminded Me How Important It Is To Have My Own Space

I feel truly blessed to have been surrounded by my family during lockdown. Even though I’ve been living at home for almost three years, for the first time life has slowed down enough for me to spend quality time with my family. Adjusting to life with my parents after four years of independence at uni definitely came with teething problems, but with compromise and empathy, things improved over time. 

As I’ve spent more time at home my bedroom turned into an office, gym, cinema and essentially my whole world within the space of a few weeks. I love my room and I’m grateful for having a space of my own (this wasn’t the case growing up), but it wasn’t until I had to spend more time in it that I began to consider the impact it had on me.

When living at home, it’s easy to think of our personal spaces as temporary – a landing base before we take off into the ‘real world’. This mindset, coupled with our fast-paced lives, means we often neglect our personal spaces and underestimate the effect they have on our daily lives. So the question is, are our spaces somewhere we’re actually willing to spend time?