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The Allegations Against Lizzo Are A Disaster For Fat Black Women Everywhere

On Tuesday, disturbing allegations against Lizzo and her team came to light and they were shocking to read about. Three former dancers are suing, Lizzo, her company and Lizzo’s dance captain, claiming a hostile working environment that involved sexual harassment, weight shaming, racism and a slew of inappropriate behaviour.

It is flabbergasting to think that someone who was known for being empowering and spreading positivity in the pop industry has been accused of overseeing and contributing to a toxic work environment in which dancers felt demoralised, ashamed and embarrassed. Many fans of the celebrity are feeling the same way since the allegations came to light.

A part of the consumption of pop culture is to look up to public figures as role models, so feeling confused and hurt when someone beloved is said to be awful is normal. Especially when said celebrity was a positive representation of a marginalised group that you are a part of.

I have always been of the stance that parasocial relationships are not good for anyone, but idolisation is not uncommon. There are many prominent people I idolise, yet am still able to recognise they are strangers and, therefore, capable of anything because I do not know them.