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Black Girl Aesthetics: Beauty Trends & The Pressure To Belong

The wind blows, another trend comes, another trend goes. Everywhere we look a trend is rising and falling in the blink of an eye. 

Within the black community most of us already know that black women are the queens of trends. If a beauty or fashion trend is being hyped up, you can be sure a black woman is behind it. But no matter where a trend originally came from, a domino effect begins; one woman starts it, it then may become viral and before you know it a whole community of women are doing it.

Have you seen the jumbo box braids with the curly ends, the acrylic nails with swirls or the watercolour patterned dresses circulating your timeline recently? If the answer is yes, welcome to the club. These are just a few trends that contribute to the current ‘black girl aesthetic’ online. And now more than ever some of us may be feeling pressure to belong and this is despite the fact that trends are gone quicker than you can click ‘checkout’. Trends are forever fleeting and it can be hard to keep up because one trend brings about ten others.