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Jeni's Letter: What Becoming An Author Has Taught Me About Ego, Disappointment & Gratitude

I have learned a lot about myself in the twelve months since my debut novel, Hope & Glory, was first published. Firstly, an appearance on ITV’s game show Lingo (alongside Black Ballad’s very own Mia Thornton) has revealed that despite writing it on countless CVs, I do not, in fact, work well under pressure!

Another revelation is that my ego is like an iceberg; manageable and unassuming when looked at from one vantage point, but in reality vast enough below the surface to sink a cruise ship. “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my sh*t!” – combine Erykah Badu’s honest declaration with the very Nigerian expectation that my genius should and will be recognised by all once I unleash it to the world, and I find myself in a sticky situation.